The University of Dhaka provides limited number of scholarships to the meritorious students. Generally these scholarships are quite insufficient to cover all educational expenses. The Department of Finance, in collaboration with banks and other organizations, arranges part-time jobs and financial assistance for students not having adequate financial support. “Omar-Sultan Foundation” has been providing financial assistance to the poor meritorious students for the last several years. Recently, our Alumni, Mr. Mozaffer Siddique has established a trust fund entitled "Syeda Anwara Memorial Trust Fund" to provide scholarship to poor and meritorious students. Dutch Bangla Bank provides scholarships to poor and meritorious students. Also, few other banks are considering the proposal to provide scholarships to poor and meritorious students. In addition, the Department created Trust Fund for Disadvantaged Students to provide scholarships to the financially constrained meritorious students. Under this financial assistance program, 30 students have already been awarded financial scholarship. The operation of this fund is going in full swing. The department has already received commitments from different organization to donate funds in the trust fund. Intending students should apply when applications are invited. Moreover, the Department has introduced Administrative Assistantships for the needy students. The assistantship is offered by the Placement Office, BBA Program office and MBA Program Office. Students in need of financial support should contact the Directors of concerned offices. ‘Adopt a Student Program’ is the most recent endeavor of the Department of Finance supported by Finance Alumni Association (FAA) for providing assistances to the financially constrained meritorious students. A few non-alumni personnel also extended their support in this program. Under this adoption program, one student will be adopted by a particular sponsor who will be acting as a guardian of that student. The sponsor not only will help the student financially but will also provide support in other social and psychological matters affecting his/her academic life. 56 students already received their first portion of financial assistance in the inaugural ceremony of the adoption program which will continue on the basis of their future academic performance and merit.



Computer Facilities

The Department is equipped with a modern Computer Lab named after ‘Omar- Sultan Foundation’. The Lab, comprising of 40 computers, has been established with a view to catering the needs for developing the computer skills of students. The Department has been successfully performing its obligation to equip the students with the primary knowledge and to develop computer skills through various programs. It offers regular courses on business application packages to the students. The Department has five multi-media overhead projectors to facilitate the students in presenting case studies and term papers. Moreover, departmental office and offices of the teachers are well equipped with personal computers and internet facilities.

Placement Office

The Department of Finance has a full-fledged Placement Office. The major functions of the Placement Office are: (a) To organize exposure visits of the under-graduate and graduate students to different organizations, industries, banks and insurance companies; (b) To secure place for the students to work as interns in different organizations; (c) To organize job fair for our graduates, (d) To publish brochures and documents for dissemination of information among the potential employers, and (e) To invite distinguished scholars, professionals and business executives on specific topics for enriching knowledge of our students under the Monthly Guest Lecture Series. It is expected that this office will facilitate the students to get need-oriented business education. The Placement Office is managed and administered by a Committee of three members.


Internship is an integral part of our BBA and MBA Programs. The objective of the program is to expose the students to the organizational work environment. Under this program, each student is required to work as an intern in a business organization, government office, bank or financial institution. The duration of internship program is one and half months for BBA students and three months for MBA students. As a part of the program, each student has to prepare a report under the supervision of a teacher of the department.

Counseling and Guidance

The University of Dhaka has a separate cell for students' counseling and guidance in order to maintain a close contact between the students and the faculty members. As part of the program, faculty members of the department are in-charge of the students' counseling and guidance. Students can get advice from them on academic matters and also on any non-academic matters that affect their academic life.

Monthly Guest Lectures

The Department of Finance organizes guest lectures/seminars inviting specialized talents and reputed executives from the public and private sectors to highlight on topics of current interest. In August 2000, the Monthly Guest Lecture Series was formally inaugurated by the Vice Chancellor of the University.

Monthly Seminar Series

The department has introduced monthly seminar series to induce research activities and to disseminate and share knowledge and ideas among the faculties and professionals. Under this program, faculty members will present research papers for discussion and comments.

Journal of Finance and Banking

"Finance and Banking" is a half-yearly refereed journal published by the Department. The journal has an editorial board comprising of professors of the Department and some outstanding external experts. It contains research-based articles on finance and related fields. Authors are generally those of good standing in the academic institutions, industries and government organizations.

Executive Development Program

Short training programs and workshops are organized occasionally for the executives of private organizations, public sector corporations, banks and other financial organizations with the objectives of dissemination of knowledge and development of skill in managerial finance. Until now, a few hundred executives of many organizations participated in our short programs.



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